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Excavator Attachments & Products

Nye Attachments & Products

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National Attachments is the exclusive dealer of Nye Products and Attachments in the United States, providing products such as engine pullers, concrete crushers, grapples, buckets, and stick extensions.

Pladdet Hydraulic Rotating Grapple

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Heavy duty and high quality Pladdet hydraulic rotating grapples and grabs designed for, but not limited to, demolition recycling, and construction.

REMU Screening Bucket

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REMU screening bucket is a multi-functional tool for padding, mixing, separating, and crushing.

Gorilla Hydraulic Breakers (Hydraulic Hammers)

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Powerful, reliable, and tough Gorilla hydraulic breakers and hammers, including extended piston strokes, improved piston properties, and lubrication adequate for entire shift.

Chicago Pneumatic Hydraulic Breakers (Hydraulic Hammers)

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They are rough, tough, and built to last. The smart design of the RX hydraulic breakers with few components and only two moving parts, offers a high grade of availability and reliability.

Hartl Crusher Buckets

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Hartl crusher buckets are extremely high throughout function with minimal wear costs ensures a high-value cubical and consistent end product. Thanks to its solid and robust build, this crusher is able to process natural rock as well as recycling materials.

JRB Quick Couplers

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High quality and performance quick couplers from JRB provide the efficiency and ease to make any job easier.

CP Thumb Attachments

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High quality and heavy duty thumbs from CP designed to help hold material in buckets and grab loose brush.

Alpine Transverse Cutter Heads & Buckets

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The Alpine transverse cutter heads and buckets are ideal tools for excavating soil, rock, asphalt, and concrete. Their combination of cutting force and cutting precision make this an economical and efficient attachment.

Rock Saws

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Heavy duty Rock Saws and tool attachments used in, but not limited to, construction, mines, scrap handling, and asphalt cutting. These attachments fit most carriers and enable users to increase efficiency and save time.

Torrent Mulchers

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Mulchers from Torrent Mulchers are high quality and heavy duty mulchers designed for ease and efficiency.

TAG Buckets

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TAG buckets deliver quicker loading times and greater yardage on each pass with less wear of the bucket because of the dual tapered and double radius design. TAG carries an extensive line of excavator buckets including rock buckets, GP buckets, HD buckets, HP buckets, and Skeleton buckets.

TAG Excavator Thumb Attachments

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Excavator bucket thumbs are available in hydraulic and mechanical models and are designed to match the performance capabilities of your excavator or backhoe.

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