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Nye Tilt Units

Nye Tilt Units are designed to provide years of dependable attachment tilting capability.

Heavy duty tilt function for existing hydraulic excavator attachments. Ruggedly designed Nye Tilt Units feature high holding and breakaway torque, low maintenance and have a 90° tilt range, 45° left and 45° right. An optional internally mounted load control valve simplifies hydraulic installation by managing all major hydraulic functions and provides convenient hose routing on either, or both sides of the unit. Nye Tilt Units are easy to install and do not require any welding or modification to the base machine. Safe, silent to operate, available in quick coupler and pin grabber compatible versions.


QC Double Cylinder Tilt Uit

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  • Quick couples to bucket.
  • Tilts 45° left and right.
  • Rugged construction.

QC Single Cylinder Tilt Unit

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  • Provides quick coupling and tilt capability.
  • Designed for heavy duty applications.
  • Available for all excavators (even really big ones!).

Quick Pin Tilt Unit

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  • Variable angle from 45° left to 45° right.
  • QT 100 plate throughout.
  • High pressure double acting cylinder.
  • Flame-hardened alloy pins.
  • Aluminum-bronze bushings.
  • Simple installation, no welding required.
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