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Pladdet Hydraulic Rotating Grapples & Grabs

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Pladdet Extreme Service Rotating Hydraulic Grapples can be swiveled 360° for use in the demolition, recycling, forestry, railway, and materials handling industries, including a wide range of other applications. The Pladdet Sorting Grapple is produced using the highest quality components, such as Parker rotating engines, induction hardened pins, and slewing ring for even the smallest sorting grab in order to maintain the highest rotating force.

Why A Pladdet Grab?
  • Made out of the highest quality materials
  • Induction hardened pins
  • Extremely high closing force by smart design
  • Extremely high rotating force slewing ring
  • Turnable  blades (3x)
  • Endless 360° rotating with 2 Parker motors (from PRG3)
  • Easy maintenance for the operator
  • Robust housing
Product Information & Specifications
  • The grab itself is made with Hardox® jaws and the mainframe is made of Weldox® 700 high tensile strength steel.
  • Cutting edges feature bolt-on, reversible wear plates of HB 500 steel. These long-wearing plates can be rotated 180° for double the normal amount of service life before needing to be replaced.
  • Grapples are equipped with a hydraulic rotator, capable of spinning the grapple a full 360° in three-to-four seconds.
  • The operator can precisely position the grapple at any angle to easily grasp irregularly-shaped loads, or precisely pick and sort material from a pile.
  • Slewing ring is driven by two strong Parker rotating engines.
  • Grapples are equipped with a flat top plate with hole pattern to bolt on any mounting bracket.

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