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Mini Excavator Attachments & Products

Rock Saws

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Heavy duty Rock Saws and Rock Tool attachments used in, but not limited to, construction, mines, scrap handling, and asphalt cutting. These attachments fit most carriers and enable users to increase efficiency and save time.

Rockhound Mowers/Mulchers

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Brush mowers by RockHound are built to efficiently mulch trees, grass, and brush. Attachments include 30EX, 40EX, 50EX, and hammerhead mowers. The FX26 and FX36 Defender Forestry Mulchers are the product of years of high-performance brush cutter engineering. They pack a powerful punch in a small package and attach easily to most compact excavators. They are the perfect tools for property maintenance, to clear a right-of-way or open up a view, or to create a defensible space in areas where wildfires are a threat.

Torrent Mulchers

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Mulchers from Torrent Mulchers are high quality and heavy duty mulchers designed for ease and efficiency.

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