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Paladin Attachments

Paladin Bradco Mulcher

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Designed for land clearing, pipe line and gas line maintenance, also DOT right of way clearing and maintenance. Able to cut and mulch 8" standing trees.

Paladin Power Rakes

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FFC and Harley Power Rakes, by Paladin, are the perfect choice for preparing seedbeds, cutting grades, grading dirt or gravel roads, and cleaning up and finish grading residential or commercial sites.

Paladin Bale Handling Attachments

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High quality bale handling attachments including bale spears, bale huggers, bale grapples, and bale forks.

Paladin Tree Tools/Tree Attachments

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High quality tree tools and attachments including tree shears, tree scoops, tree spades, and tree forks.

Paladin Sweepers/Brushes

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Sweepster, by Paladin, provides high quality sweepers and replacement brushes that are durable enough to perform under the most challenging conditions. Sweepster is the industry leader in rotary brooms and offers a complete line of sweepers for every prime mover and application.

Paladin Bradco Trenchers

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Bradco Trenchers, by Paladin, can mount to skid steer loaders, compact skid steer loaders, and 3-point PTO HP hydro-static tractors. Several boom lengths are available to match your job's specifications.

Paladin Bradco Backhoes

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Bradco Backhoes, by Paladin, are designed to fit compact tractors, compact tractor loaders, compact tool carriers, and skid steers. Bradco offers multiple classes depending upon desired weight and digging force. Digging depths range from 78" to 132".

Paladin McMillen's Auger Drives

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McMillen's Auger Drives feature a wide variety of auger diameters, lengths, and style for every digging application. Comes with various mounts available for most applications.

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