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Nye Forks

Nye builds a wide variety of custom Wheel Loader Forks. Models include Manure Forks, Lumber & Log Forks with Top Clamps, Fold-Up Forks, Triple Forks, and QC Loader Forks. 

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QC Loader Forks

  • Custom designs for all machines.
  • Various fork configurations available.

Triple Forks with Top Clamp

  • Special agricultural application.
  • Designed to customer's specifications.

Fold-Up Forks

  • Folds up and back out of the bucket working range.
  • Adaptable to any bucket.

Lumber & Log Forks with Top Clamp

  • Superior design, all T1 construction.
  • Clamps tight on lumber and logs making it easy for working on uneven terrain.

Manure Forks

  • Custom designed for agricultural use.
  • High capacity.

Over the Bucket Forks

  • Attaches quickly and easily to the bucket.
  • Adjustable tines.

Specially Designed for Earth Boring Applications

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  • Fully hydraulic.
  • Custom rotation.
  • Pin-on and QC.
  • Built for handling shoring and erecting drill casing.
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